What Is the Difference Between Project Success and Project Management Success?

People often confuse Project Success with Project Management Success.

The main difference between Project Success and Project Management Success is that success from a project perspective (Project Success) means that the project resulted in a product or a service that was viable and beneficial to the business. On the other hand, success from a Project Management perspective, means that the Project was on scope, on schedule, and on budget.

Project Success does not necessarily mean Project Management Success and vice versa. A Project can be finished on scope, on schedule, and on budget, but still deliver little or no value to the company/stakeholders (for example the Iridium Project). On the other hand, a Project can be finished with costs greatly exceeding the original budget, and years after the initial deadline, and yet deliver a great service/product that is beneficial to both the company and the stakeholders (whether internal or external stakeholders). An example of such a project is the Sydney Opera House.

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