What Is the Difference Between Management and Project Management?

There are several differences between Management and Project Management, mainly:

  • Management is focused on the organization’s business strategy, Project Management, on the other hand, does not view the big picture and is only focused on the project.
  • Management is responsible for an ongoing, permanent process, Project Management is responsible of carrying out a project that has a specific start date and end date.
  • In Management, the functional manager is empowered with authority over the resources, in Project Management, the Project Manager does not (usually) have authority over the resources, and has to ask Management for resources.
  • Management is responsible for preparing a yearly budget (CAPEX and OPEX) to run the operation, Project Management is responsible for preparing a specific project’s budget.
  • In almost all cases, Project Management reports to Management.
  • Management is accountable for its respective division/department (eg. IT Division in case of an IT Manager), the accountability in Project Management is limited to the Project. Note that Management is accountable for Project Management implementing projects in its division.

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