What Is the Difference Between a PMO and an EPMO?

The differences between a PMO (Program Management Office) and an EPMO (Enterprise Program Management Office) are:

  • An EPMO manages several PMOs and is at nearly perfect alignment with the high level business strategy of the company. This means that an EPMO ensures that the PMOs are well aligned with the top level organization’s strategy (viewed from an executive level). Although a PMO is also aligned with the organization’s strategy, this alignment is more at a management level (and not executive level).
  • An EPMO provides very high level reporting on the organization’s programs, such reporting is extremely useful for executives to see the big picture on the status of these programs. The reporting level of a PMO is more specific and is at a project level (cost, schedule, etc…) and giving more details than what an EPMO reporting would give (hence it is not suitable for high level executives).
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