What if I Miss My PMP Exam?

There are two types of reasons where an applicant would miss the PMP exam: voluntarily and involuntarily.

Voluntarily reasons are those reasons that are under the applicant’s control such:

  • Traveling for leisure/business
  • Overload at work
  • Marriage

Involuntary reasons are those reasons that are beyond the applicant’s control, such as:

  • Urgent medial issues
  • Family illness
  • Death of a close relative
  • Accidents
  • etc…

In either case, informing PMI in advance (48 hours in case of a Computer Based Test, 35 days in case of a Paper Based Test) will allow the person to either reschedule the PMP exam for free or cancel the PMP exam and get a refund.

Informing PMI after the PMP test should happen within 72 hours of the test day by contacting the PMI customer care department, failure to do so will result in paying the full reexamination fee. Even when the applicant informs PMI within the 72 hours after the test, it is at PMI’s discretion to whether accept the applicant’s excuse or not. Naturally, it is very hard for PMI to accept any “voluntarily reason” as an excuse for missing the test. In case of an “involuntarily reason”, PMI may request related documents to the applicant’s case, such as death certificate, accident report, doctor/hospital report.

In case the PMP applicant elects to proceed with a reexamination (instead of canceling the exam), the PMP exam should be scheduled within 1 year from the date the PMP application was approved.

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