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What Is the Difference Between Construction Project Management and Software Project Management?

There are several differences between Construction Project Management and Software Project Management. Construction Project Management is predictable, formal, usually adopts the waterfall methodology, and thrives in traditional organizational structure. Software Project Management is unpredictable, informal, is a perfect use of the agile methodology, and thrives in a projectized environment. Communication in Construction Project Management is simple, risks and politics are high-level, and team conflicts are rare but dangerous. Communication in Software Project Management is complex, risks and political are at the project-level, and team conflicts are abundant but are rarely physical. Software Project Management is susceptible to scope inflation due to an abundance of change requests, which leads to a cost overrun and late schedule. Costs in Construction Project Management are largely affected by raw materials, which may go up in a dramatic way, leading to a huge cost overrun.

What Is “Fast, Cheap, Good: Pick Two” in Project Management?

Fast, Cheap, and Good is a term in Project Management stating that Project Managers can only deliver 2 out of the 3 constraints in any Project. They can choose “fast and cheap”, “cheap and good”, and “fast and good”. “Cheap and Good” is the worst and is rarely used, “fast and cheap” is used a lot in software projects while cutting from the scope, and “fast and good” is often used in “construction projects”.