How to Schedule Your CAPM Exam?

Provided you meet the CAPM Eligibility Criteria, here’s how to schedule your CAPM exam:

  1. First you have to pay the CAPM fees. You can pay the CAPM fees either on the PMI website using a major credit card, or by sending a check or a money order to PMI Global Operations center.
  2. Once the payment is cleared, you might be randomly selected for an application audit (note that only a small percentage of CAPM applications get audited). This process can take several weeks. If your application doesn’t pass the PMI audit, then your payment will be refunded and you will not be able to take the test.
  3. Assuming the above steps are completed successfully, PMI will then approve your application and email you the exam scheduling instructions, where you are guided on how to select your examination date and location on the Prometric website.

    Note that you have a year from the date where your application got approved to take the CAPM exam. If you fail to take the exam during that year (also referred as “Eligibility Period”) then you will have to re-submit your application and payment.

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