How Does the PMP Audit Process Work?

Many PMP applicants are intimidated by the PMP audit process and wonder how it works.

First it should be stated that the reason why PMI randomly audits PMP applications is solely to maintain the quality of the applicants becoming PMP certified by making sure that all applicants are eligible for the PMP credential. Naturally, PMI cannot audit all the PMP applications, but auditing just a small percentage will deter quite a few (though definitely not all) applicants that do not meet the requirements.

The PMP audit process starts immediately after the applicants pays the fees for the exam, at this point PMI might elect to audit the candidate’s application who will be notified electronically shortly after paying the PMP fees.

Once notified, the candidate has to provide PMI with documents supporting his application. This might include:

  • College/University diplomas (copies)
  • Signed attestations from supervisors in the projects that were documented in the candidate’s application
  • Proof of accumulating the 35 contact hours. This may include university/college certificates, letters certifying that training has been undertaken, etc…

The candidate has to physically mail (no other form of sending documents is accepted) all the supporting documents to the PMI headquarters in Pennsylvania. Once PMI receives the candidate’s mail, it will make a decision on the candidate’s application within 5 working days. If accepted, the candidate will be allowed to take the test, if not, the candidate will be refunded the fees.

Note that PMI sometimes audits applicants who are already certified, this is very rare, and only happens when someone raises concerns about the applicant’s actual eligibility prior to taking the exam. If an already PMP certified Project Manager gets audited and fails the process, then PMI will revoke his credential.

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