How Big Is the Demand for PMP?

Before applying for PMP, every Project Manager asks this same question, what is the demand for PMP?

This is a very legitimate question, considering that the Project Manager will spend a considerable amount of time and money investing in becoming a PMP, and thus expects something in return.

In order to assess the demand for PMP certified Project Managers, one has to observe 2 things:

  • The demand for Project Management in general
  • The reputation of the PMP issuing organization, the PMI

Demand for Project Management

The way projects are handled has changed substantially in the last decade, where almost any company carrying out a project will require formal Project Management to be applied. Additionally, the number of (small to mega) projects worldwide is increasing, and the trend seems very resilient to any economic downturn (since nowadays any work can be thought of as a project). Both these reasons have a favorable effect on the demand for Project Managers, which in turn increases the demand for certified Project Managers, such as the PMPs.

The PMI Reputation

The PMI, founded in 1969, has kept an intact reputation as an authoritative body for issuing certificates for Project Managers. The PMP test organized by the PMI is getting harder and better by the day. Companies and organizations currently look at the PMI and the PMP with respect, and they consider that the PMP is one of the best certifications a Project Manager can have.

To conclude, the demand for PMP worldwide is definitely big and increasing, and will continue to do so as long as there are more projects (which seems to be the case on the short, medium, and the long term), and as long as the PMI is a respectable organization.

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