Difference Between the Project Champion and the Project Sponsor

The main differences between the Project Sponsor and the Project Champion are:

  • The Project Sponsor is considered to be the Project Owner, while the Project Champion is considered be to the Project Advocate.
  • The Project Sponsor has a formal role in an organization, while the Project Champion has an informal role.
  • A Project can have many Project Champions, but can only have one Project Sponsor.

Note that some prominent Project Managers argue that the Project Champion role is embodied by the Project Sponsor.

It is also worthy to note that the term “Project Champion” does not appear anywhere in the PMBOK, whereas the term Project Sponsor is used prominently.

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  1. Quote

    Can the project champion be considered the Enteprise Architect?
    It seems to me that the breath of knowledge required by the project champion derives from the expertise (tactical/strategic) from the EA.
    As an EA one is required to drive the project and to be the advocate between the
    business and inter-units required as part, to provide resources and contributing documentation for the successful conceptualization, design, planning, development and implementation of the solution.

    Can you comment please?
    Thank you.

    Gonzarelli Doelman
    Chief Architect

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