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What Is the Difference Between Task and Activity in Project Management?

Many Project Managers believe that there’s no difference between task and activity and these two terms can be used interchangeably. Some say that a task is a work package that has one or more activities, others say that an activity is a work package that has one or more tasks. The best thing a Project Manager is to stick to the standards defined in this company concerning the Project Management terminology, and if there are no standards defined, then he should follow the masses and use the two terms as if they mean the same thing: a work package.

What Is Parkinson’s Law in Project Management?

Parkinson’s law in Project Management essentially means that work on a certain task is expanded to fit the allocated schedule for that task in the project plan.

What Is the Difference Between Project Progress and Project Schedule?

The main difference between Project Progress and Project Schedule is that the former is about reporting on the work actually done, while the latter is about planning the work/activities.