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How to Share PDUs Between Multiple Credentials?

Project Managers have 3 options to share PDUs between multiple credentials. The first option is to align the CCR cycle with the first credential, with the upside of applying the already earned PDUs to the new certification, and the downside of having to renew the newer certification earlier. The second option is to align the CCR cycle with the second credential, with the upside of renewing the old certification beyond its normal renewal date, and the downside of forfeiting all PDUs earned previously. The third option is not align the CCR cycles, however, the Project Manager can still claim the same PDU for multiple credentials, provided that PDU is earned during their respective CCR cycle.

What Is the Difference Between PMP and PgMP?

The main difference between the PMP and the PgMP is that the former is aimed a Project Managers, and that the latter is aimed at Program Managers.

What Are the PgMP Eligibility Requirements?

Similar to the PMP Eligibility Requirements, the Eligibility Requirements for Becoming a PgMP varies depending on one’s level of education: In case the person has a Bachelor Degree (or equivalent/greater), then that person has to have accumulated at least 6,000 hours of Project Management experience in at least a 4 year period. Additionally, the person […]