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Who Is the Project Champion?

The Project Champion or project advocate is an informal role providing moral support for the Project Manager and the project team, promoting and praising the project in front of different stakeholders, and addressing problems by proposing company-wide acceptable solutions. The Project Champion is a staunch defender of the project. The ideal Project Champion is a respectable senior manager and a good communicator with skills in navigating company politics and with a comfortable level of Project Management experience.

What Is Student Syndrome in Project Management?

Student Syndrome in Project Management, is the act of leaving all the work until the very last moment. The term was first coined by Eliyahu M. Goldratt. The main reasons behind the Student Syndrome are poor Project Management, concurrent and competing projects, and of course, our innate habit of procrastination. There are several disadvantages of the student syndrome, including (but not limited to), reduced quality and scope, as well as a stressed team. Avoiding the student syndrome is best done through Proactive Project Management and breaking down large tasks into smaller ones.

What Is “Fast, Cheap, Good: Pick Two” in Project Management?

Fast, Cheap, and Good is a term in Project Management stating that Project Managers can only deliver 2 out of the 3 constraints in any Project. They can choose “fast and cheap”, “cheap and good”, and “fast and good”. “Cheap and Good” is the worst and is rarely used, “fast and cheap” is used a lot in software projects while cutting from the scope, and “fast and good” is often used in “construction projects”.

What Will Happen in Project Management in 20 Years?

Project Management will greatly advance thanks to state-of-the-art means of communication, better education, mature industries, and adoption on the government level.

What Is the 80-20 Rule in Project Management?

The 80-20 rule (or the Pareto Principle) in Project Management means (among other things) that 80% of the time is spent doing 20% of the functionality, or 80% of the work is done by 20% of the team members.

What Are the Characteristics of a Project?

A project is unique, temporary, goal oriented, satisfying its stakeholders, and risky.

What Is the Difference Between Project Manager and Project Leader?

The Project Leader is not be confused the Project Manager, the Project Leader is more technical, responsible for only one project, and reports to the Project Manager.

What Are the Different Variations of RACI Matrices?

The other variations of RACI include RACI-VS, RASIC, and CAIRO.

What Are the Advantages of Project Management?

There are several advantages of Project Management, such as a reduced cost of the end product, a better client relationship, and a touch of professionalism.

What Is the Difference Between the Project Life Cycle and the Project Management Life Cycle?

The main difference between the Project Life Cycle and the Project Management Life Cycle is that the former is standard and consists of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing, while the latter consists of the development phases the project goes through.