Are You Penalized for Wrong Answers on the PMP Exam?

A lot of PMP applicants wonder if PMI penalizes examinees for wrong answers on the PMP Exam.

The short and only answer is No. PMI does not penalize examinees (e.g. by reducing their score) if they answer wrongly on the PMP exam. Not only this fact is comforting for PMP applicants, but it can also be used as a strategy to their advantage: even if they don’t know the right answer, examinees can choose a random answer (or an answer that is more likely to be the right one) and “hope” it’s the right answer.

The best thing to do in a PMP exam is answering every single question, there is no point whatsoever to leave questions unanswered, in fact, doing so (leaving questions unanswered) can only do harm. On the other hand, answering all the questions on the PMP exam will more likely increase the applicant’s chances to pass the exam.

Note: Various sources “claim” that the most common right answer in any multiple choice exam is B. Having said that, the previous statement should be taken with a grain of salt as none of the sources had their claim scientifically proven.

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