Am I Allowed to Bring a Calculator to the PMP Exam?

A lot of PMP applicants wonder whether they are allowed to use a calculator in their PMP exam or not. The reason behind that is that calculators are really useful for calculating the results of different formulas, especially EV Formulas.

The answer is no, PMP applicants are not allowed to bring a calculator with them to the PMP exam. In fact, according to the PMP Handbook, all the following items are forbidden in the testing center:

  • calculators, cell phones (including iphones and blackberries), pagers, laptops, ipods, and any recording device
  • any kind of food or beverage (including junk food and bottled water)
  • notebooks, scratch paper, and dictionaries
  • coats, sweaters, and other personal items

However, the good news is that calculators are integrated into the CBT (Computer Based Testing) exam, and are provided by PMI in case of a PBT (Paper Based Testing) exam. Additionally scratch paper is also provided to candidates taking either kind of exam. Note that candidates have to surrender all the material given to them by PMI (including used scratch paper) once they finish their exam.

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