How to Schedule Your CAPM Exam?

To schedule your CAPM exam, you first make the payment on the PMI website, and then if you’re not audited, you will be send an email with instructions on selecting the place and time of your CAPM exam.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Excel for Project Management?

Some Project Managers use Excel to manage their projects. While Excel is easy to use and one can use it to make a fast project schedule, Excel was never meant to be a Project Management tool, and thus lacks the basic features than any PM tool has.

Am I Allowed to Bring a Calculator to the PMP Exam?

Candidates are not allowed to bring a calculator to the PMP Exam, however, a calculator is integrated in the CBT exam and is provided PBT exams.

What Are the Earned Value Formulas?

Here are the different earned value formulas: CV = EV – AC, SV = EV – PV, CPI = EV / AC, SPI = EV / PV, EAC = BAC / CPI, ETC = EAC – AC, VAC = BAC – EAC

What Is the CAPM Passing Score?

The CAPM passing score is around 65%, or around 100 correct answers out of the 150 questions.

What Is the Difference Between Project Progress and Project Schedule?

The main difference between Project Progress and Project Schedule is that the former is about reporting on the work actually done, while the latter is about planning the work/activities.

What Are the Different Variations of RACI Matrices?

The other variations of RACI include RACI-VS, RASIC, and CAIRO.