What Are the PgMP Eligibility Requirements?

Similar to the PMP Eligibility Requirements, the Eligibility Requirements for Becoming a PgMP varies depending on one’s level of education: In case the person has a Bachelor Degree (or equivalent/greater), then that person has to have accumulated at least 6,000 hours of Project Management experience in at least a 4 year period. Additionally, the person […]

What Is Green Project Management?

Green Project Management is about “environmental awareness” by suggesting non-strict compliance with the ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards.

How Will the PMP Certification Affect My Salary?

Two common questions that Project Managers usually ask before applying for a PMP Certification are: What is the current demand for PMP? How will the PMP affect my current salary? While the first question was answered in a previous article, the short answer for the second is that the PMP effect on the salary can […]

How Big Is the Demand for PMP?

The demand for PMP is big and increasing since the demand for Project Management is exponentially increasing and the reputation of PMI (organization issuing the PMP) is excellent.

What Is the Difference Between Project Stages and Project Phases?

A Project Stage is an interval between Project Meetings while a Project Phase is a type of project work (for example the Procurement Phase, the Implementation Phase, etc…).

What Is the PMP Eligibility Criteria?

The PMP Eligibility Criteria 4,500 hours of Project Management experience for people with Bachelor’s degree and 7,500 hours for people with High School Diploma. All applicants must also have 35 contact hours of formal Project Management experience.

What Is the PMP Passing Score?

There is a huge confusion about the PMP Passing Score, some people believe that answering just 60% is the PMP passing score, others believe that PMI does not seem to follow an orthodox way of scoring PMP exams and the passing criteria is not constant, some believe that scoring Below Proficient in any area (domain) […]

What Is the Project Manager Career Path?

The traditional career path for Project Managers is Project Management Specialist, Group Leader, Project Management Coordinator, Project Manager, Project Director, Program Manager.

How to Earn PDUs for Free?

Earning free PDUs can be done by reading some PM material, working as a Project Manager, and writing some Project Management papers.

What Is the Difference Between Project Success and Project Management Success?

The main difference between the Project Success and Project Management Success is that the first is about delivering a usable product/service beneficial to the company and the stakeholders, while the latter is about being on time, on budget, and on scope.