Difference Between the Project Champion and the Project Sponsor

The main difference between the Project Sponsor and the Project Champion is that the first is the Project Owner, while the latter is the Project Advocate.

What is the Difference Between Project Objectives and Project Goals?

Some people tend to mix up Project Objectives and Project Goals, many think they’re the same, while, in fact, they are different. The main difference between Project Objectives and Project Goals is that the latter represent a statement at a higher level, for example, our main goal for this project is to enhance the quality […]

What Are the Differences Between a Project and a Task?

There are several differences between a project and a task, including, length, number of activities, and number of involved people.

What Are the 5 Project Management Process Groups?

The 5 Project Management Process Groups are Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, and Closing. These Process Groups represent the Waterfall methodology.

What Are the Qualities that a Good Project Manager Should Have?

Good Project Managers have the following qualities: organization, outstanding communication skills, and attention to details.

Why Is Project Planning Important?

Project Planning is a very important step in Project Management and cannot be ignored. Always remember that failing to plan is planning to fail!